This one is hard for me because Sookie’s characterization seems to yo-yo throughout the show. She can be strong like she was in S1 and parts of S2 or she can seem to solely exist as a plot device. It’s maddening and it’s why I didn’t name her as my favorite female character – she’s in my top 5, but that’s not saying much when the proportion of male to female characters is relatively skewed towards the guys and when one of the female leads (Tara) I loathe with so much of my being because she has even less of a spine than Sookie does.

All that said, I think I’ll go with one of my favorite one-liners of recent memory:

“I’m a fairy?! That’s fucking lame!”

Preach it, Sookie. Preach it.

[And side note to Ms. Harris – I don’t care if in the books it took 8 books to get to that point. It’s STILL lame. :P]