First and for most – we’re getting another three minutes next week it looks like, and at this rate it wouldn’t surprise me if we get another 3 more the week after, for a total of 12 minutes, or roughly 1/4 of the run time of the episode. Not sure how I feel about that.


I’m not going to quite say I’m eating crow – but I think I’m okay with Faerie via Mt. Olympus now since now we must call into question what exactly that plane of existence looks like – if Queen Mab (and by extension at least some of the other fae) are wearing some kind of glamor – who to say the realm itself isn’t under a glamor to make the human hybrids feel more at ease? I’m also a bit more comfortable with it because the whole plot line is starting to make sense – Bill has breached their land, they’re freaking the fuck out (probably not a bad idea since the show seems to like to point out how unusual Bill especially for a young vamp) and trying to find a way to isolate themselves once more. If the methodology of that going into hiding isn’t exactly perfect, well, the supernatural aren’t exactly known as masters of nice are they?

I continue to like Sookie here – her continued weariness, listening to her instinct and her attempt at subtly (though once questions why she thought it’d work when she was in a realm of telepaths) when trying to get her Grandfather to escape with her wasn’t bad, and I especially liked her declaration that she really isn’t a threat to the realm because she’s totally going to stay away from vampires (though for some reason the Queen didn’t seem to buy that anymore than the audience does/will).

I do question what is the point of mini-arc beyond the fact that it gets her out of Bon Temps for a year while other things coalesce – I suppose we’ll see what happens next week now that they’re back in the human realm – but still. I’m still iffy on it. We’ll see.