Hm. This one is really tough because there are so many moments to choose from!

I was going to go to the moment when they first met, but knowing now that he was he was there under orders from the Queen takes some of the romance out of that first meeting. I actually rather liked the moment at the end of S2 when Sookie excuses herself to go to the restroom after the proposal because the moment felt so painfully real. As much as the two do love each other, it’s been a very up and down relationship, especially for her, so it makes -sense- that she’d hesitate when he proposed.

In that vein then, I decided my current favorite scene of theirs was the angry hate sex in the middle of S3, after she’s been healed by Bill not long after she was drained to the point of near death by Bill. I think it sums up their relationship perfectly: even when she hates his guts she’ll get back on that roller coaster once more.

Their relationship isn’t exactly a healthy one, and this scene is perfect example of that.