S3 E1 when she goes downstairs to confront Eric about Bill. From Pam’s half-hearted “Sookie. Don’t.” to the very end when Sookie storms back up the stairs, pausing to say “You owe me $10,000!”the entire scene is pitch perfect. Sookie trying to avert her eyes, yet finding it hard to, Eric’s little smirk and obvious comfort with his body and jibes as Bill. It just couldn’t have gone down better.

Side Rant Time:

This scene is the perfect example of what fan service should be. The female (and gay male) fans have gotten what we’ve been clamoring for – more of Skårsgard naked – but the scene itself made sense and added to the plot: being Bill’s Sheriff, Eric really was a logical place to start Sookie’s search, and the reminder about the money was a nice tie in to last season. On the other hand, the Bill/Sam was an example of -bad- fan service: the connection between Sam and Bill is never mentioned again, so it didn’t really need to be brought up, and the other information learned in the scene could have easily be inserted into Sam’s previous scene. Ultimately the scene added nothing but fan service and in a series with such a short season and (especially last season it felt like) doesn’t have time to get in everything that it wants to, wasting screen time is never a good thing.