Not going to lie: I found this one a toughie because I’m really not a huge fan of either character. I liked Lafayette in the beginning, but once he seemed to completely forget the trauma of his stint at the hands of Eric during S3 ($1 luxury sports car, sweet!) he began to lose me. As for Tara, well…let’s just say that I liked her during that brief moment during S3 when she was standing up to Franklin. When she was free again I felt like she reverted to her screechy self that had few redeeming values.


That said, I think my favorite moment of theirs was the way her suicide attempt was handled: the way Lafayette chewed out her mom for letting her use the restroom alone. The way he handled the car drive. The real and obvious genuine concern that he had for her. I got the feeling that those two would always be there for each other even if they felt like the world wasn’t, and I liked it. So even though that period was a downer, it’s my favorite moment.