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30 Day Challenge – Character I relate to


I don’t know that I really relate to anyone, but press me and I’ll say Sookie. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve certainly had those moments where I’ve felt like an outcast, where everyone else thought I was crazy. Her problems are obviously more extreme than most, but I think just about anyone can relate to the struggles she has at time just dealing with her being her.


30 Day Challenge – Least Favorite Guest Star

Cop out time again!

Honestly, I don’t have one. I don’t tend to pay much attention to who is a regular and who is a guest star – the cast is so damn big that it’s hard enough to keep track of the main actors, let alone guests!

30 Day Challenge – Favorite Guest Star

This is going to be an obscure one, but Dawn Oliveri, who played Janice Herveaux, Alcide’s sister. Why a guest star with six lines? Because that same season she’d been cast as Lydia on the (ultimately) final season of Heroes. Even after her short stint (in which her character still managed to get messed up, thanks Kring!) we were thrilled for her to hear that she’d landed a spot on True Blood. Yeah, it was a one episode, few line part, but we were happy for her. This is definitely a sentimental pick for me 🙂

30 Day Challenge – Favorite Villain

King Russell Edgington.

Was there any doubt? Maryann was great fun and a close second, but Russell so enjoys what it is that he’s doing and he plays the game so well! He likes the old ways, is unashamed to admit it, and will do whatever it takes to get power. And hey, he even still loves his consort of 700+ years! A traditional villain in many ways, but when they’re this enjoyable, who cares?

30 Day Challenge – Least Favorite Scene


Totally stealing here, but going to go with Lafayette & Jesus’ V’s trip. True Blood has proven that they can do a good trip – Lafayette dancing around after having some of Eric’s blood was hysterical – but this scene was the epitome of why I don’t like seeing a trip through the eyes of the person tripping. Stylized, annoying, and makes me wish I could skip ahead. I get that a lot of this stuff is set up for S4, but that doesn’t make it good or even necessary. They could have another way to reveal that Jesus is a witch. It felt more like an exercise in Alan Ball wanting to do something different more than anything else.

The second half of the season made me lose a lot of interest in Lafayette. Let’s hope that the trend reverses in S4.

30 Day Challenge – Least Favorite Character


For all that she’s supposed to be Sookie’s best friend, it seems like they fight more than they’re friendly together. Her scene with Eggs weren’t bad, but at the same point in time I don’t think the show would suffer if she weren’t around. I -almost- started to like her during S3 when she was being held hostage by Franklin, but soon enough she was back to her old self again.

When a cast is -this- huge, inevitably you start to wish they’d cut it down so they could focus more on other characters and other stories. I honestly wouldn’t miss her if she stayed on her self-discovery road trip for good and that’s why she’s my least favorite.

30 Day Challenge: Least Favorite Episode

I know this is cheap…

But I don’t have one.

There’s yet to be an episode that just makes me roll my eyes, want to throw things at the tv or rage-quit watching the show. In fact, rarely is there a tv show who has an episode that has that effect on me, I can usually find -something- to enjoy in an episode, even if I overall find the episode to be kind of lackluster.

If I’m doing a rewatch, I’ll watch it, I just might skip scenes of sub-plots that don’t hold my interest.