If ya’ll thought that anyone else would end up in this position, well…c’mon on now.

Bill is my favorite because I have a thing for more or less good guys who actions are often morally gray at best (for Heroes fans out there, I’m a fan of Noah Bennet for the same reason) – they’ve got good intentions, but aren’t afraid to get down and dirty to see them out. c.f. S2E1 when Bill blithely admits to killing Sookie’s Uncle because said relation dared to hurt her and he can’t have anyone doing that. Good intention: questionable means of obtaining it. Hell, he even manipulated her after the fact with tears and a good “I’m doing it for you” speech. Awesome not 100% good guy moves right there!

I think characters that are strictly “good” and don’t have a non-noble bone in their body are not only not realistic, but they’re dull to watch. Added layers make a character more interesting, and I know that one of the things I’m most excited for in the upcoming season is finding out just how deep in the rabbit hole Bill is when it comes to vampire politics. And if he’s in vamp politics, his hands ain’t clean, and I don’t want it any other way.