Nan Flanagan

At first, I was going to pick Pam. Because Pam is awesome – she’s easily got the best one liners on the show and she can even, occasionally, dish out useful advice to baby vamps with occasionally absentee Makers. But then I thought that as much as I adore Pam (and I do) I thought I’d shed the spot light on someone else.

I know that Nan Flanagan isn’t exactly an obvious choice, but I like her. She’s got a human sense of hypocrisy about her – she totally touts mainstreaming and totally feeds on humans in private. She’s strong, and tough and a “bitch” because her job demands that she be, and quite frankly she’d fit in as well on Capital Hill as she does in the AVL – if she didn’t have fangs and wasn’t trying to convince people that vampires totally don’t normally make a show of ripping out spines. In some ways, she oddly almost comes off as human for those shark-like qualities – or maybe the politicians are more vampire. Either way, she strikes me as one of the few vampires of any real power or authority that could still move easily within human society, and that intrigues me.